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Painting competition kettlebell, it comes in 4kg,6kg,8kg,10kg,12kg-32kg, it is made of steel material with colorful painting, we can make laser logo on bell.
Get into the best shape of your life with our competition kettlebell! Durable, sturdy, and reliable, our professional grade kettlebell weight was designed to help you sculpt and tone your body like never before.This super-strong fitness kettlebell features high-temperature baking varnish that makes it corrosion-resistant and sturdier.
kettlebells feature a color-coded design so you can personalize your workouts and tailor them to your level. The weight is clearly marked on each kettlebell so you know exactly how hard you’re training.These kettlebell weights have a special ergonomic design with a comfortable, yet durable grip that allows you to reduce fatigue for better, more performant workouts. Unlike any other weightlifting exercise, training with a kettlebell weight set allows you to perform ballistics and grinds, which can lead to faster results.
Our premium kettlebell weight collection includes everything an athlete or fitness enthusiast needs for a complete high-intensity workout. Our kettlebells feature a heavy-duty steel body with a high-temperature baking varnish that prevents corrosion and rust. The collection features 8 types of kettlebells from 4kgto 32kg, all color-coded and clearly marked with the corresponding weight. Our kettle weights are a great accessory for complete body workouts, allowing you to target virtually any muscle while reducing fatigue through the ergonomic design.
We are all about taking your workout to the next level. We put your health and safety first, but we also know that a toned, sculpted body required many hours in the gym, as well as sweat and tears. To make sure that every single one of you can take things further and work out your body better and more effectively, we have designed a premium set of kettlebells that will bring out the absolute best in you. If you have any problems with kettlebell,we will try our best to be satisfied with you.

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