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Our strongman throw bag is design for throwing training,you can use it to throw far away or throw higher dropping. Do training for the “Bag Over Bar” event at the Strongman Classic, and it’s now available to the public for the first time.
Strongman throw bag is made of 1050D Cordura 100% nylon,very strong material,double layer,strong thread with 3 stitches, lining filler with funnel opening sewing double velcro, The zipper sits on the top of the bag just below the handle, and the funnel filler is contained within that zipper. This ensures steady containment of the fill material while allowing for easy, precise weight adjustments. Double velcro with YKK zipper can avoid filling material drop when do training. These features make strongman throw bag warranty longer than other normal fitness sandbags. Throw bag handle is rubber material with antiskid cover.

Benefit to do training with strongman throw bag:
 Increases power in lower body muscles: glutes, quads and calves.
 Increases strength in back extensor and other core muscles for transferring power from the lower to the upper body.
 Improves coordination of muscle activation when transferring from lower to upper body movement to maximize power.
 Improves triple extension of the hips, knee and ankles for faster sprinting and jumping, increased quickness and a higher vertical jump.
 Improves the connection between the lower and upper body so you can be strong and stable on your feet whilst performing powerful upper body movements.
 Prepares the body for high intensity and explosive full-body exercises.
As used in the USS / Official Strongman Games / Ultimate Strongman / Giants Live competitions.

1.Color: black,red,army green,blue,yellow,brown,light camo,dark camo.
2.Material: 1050D Cordura,100% nylon.YKK zipper.
3.Dimension: 30.5 diameter.
5.Rubber handle with antiskid cover through it.
6.lining filler with funnel opening. shipped empty bag without filling material.
8.custom logo for any qty, like 1 pc is ok.
9.can do embroidery logo,printing logo,sewing logo.

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