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Our Jerk blocks are Fully CNC machined, Wood Jerk Blocks deliver a level of craftsmanship and stability simply not achievable with traditional DIY jerk boxes. Available in four different sizes—915cm*508*887cm and 4cm top cap. With 2cm thickness wood. One set net weight is about 180kg.
Stackable jerk boxes, or jerk blocks, are most often utilized in weight training as a way for athletes to focus on improving their jerk without having to clean the weight to the rack position on each rep. With their combined durability and ease of use, however, various Jerk Block sets provide a wealth of other potential uses: block pulls, clean/snatch from blocks, partial deadlifts, floor presses, step ups, box jumps.

The 4cm block must be used on the top of the stack when the sets are in use. This will ensure longevity and help prevent damage to the exterior layers of wood.

Made in plyo wood 2cm thickness.
CNC machine cut for perfect fit.
Hand slots included for easy moving/carrying.
Blocks ship fully assembled.
Can do laser logo.

you can use Jerk blocks to focus on position work for Olympic lifts like the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk or squatting movements. Save your energy for working reps by starting directly from the front rack position and not having to clean your weight on the first rep. The blocks are composed of 5/7cm, 15cm,30cm and 38cm heights; customize the height of your Jerk Blocks with numerous combinations to work through different sticking points on your Deadlift. The blocks are constructed from high-quality plywood and feature individual heights on each panel, built-in handle slots for easy moving/carrying.

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